About Us

The state-owned enterprise “The Experimental Plant” represents the republican unitary enterprise “The Scientific and Practical Center for Agriculture Mechanization (SPCAM) of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (NASB)”. It’s an international manufacturer of equipment designed for: planting of potato and its postemergence cultivation; storing and restoring of tuberous roots. The plant also produces equipment systems (minifactories) designed for preparing potato for sale (dry cleaning, washing, polishing, weighing and poly or mesh bagging).

RUE “The Experimental Plant of the SPCAM of the NASB” was established in 1958. The Workshops of the Institute for Agricultural Mechanization and Electrification of the BSSR Academy of Agricultural Sciences along with the Resolution of the Council of Ministers No. 175 (March 24, 1958) and the Order No. 11 issued by of the BSSR Academy of Agricultural Sciences (May 21, 1958) served as the basis for the factory’s establishment.

Originally the first priority of the factory was to produce equipment based on research and development for large-scale mechanization of agricultural production.Following years the factory produced agricultural machines developed by the Institute for Agricultural Mechanization:

  • – distributor-mixer RS-5 (public contract);
  • – mineral fertilizers spreader RSU-12;
  • – roller supports PKD-5,1;
  • – fluffer- proportioner VPK-1;
  • – clamp-hooks GZ-0,4:
  • – plough spares (chisel, moldboards, tusks, heels etc.)

In the 1970s after the public contract (RS-5) had been performed, the staff number of the factory increased to 240 people (fitting and assembly, mechanical, electrical, galvanic areas were established).

Since 2003, the new management has provided the factory with orders on the National Program for retooling grain-cleaning drying facilities and milking equipment to reequip dairy farms.

Full material and technical re-equipment of the enterprise has been carried out. New machines and equipment have been purchased. All the facilities have been repaired.The latest products of the factory are potato and root crops primary processing machines, including functions of storing, restoring and preparing vegetables for sale.

All the produced machines fully meet international requirements and have certificates of conformity of the Customs Union and the European Union. Taking into account the use of components produced in Belarus and Russia, the prime cost of the machines is 30-40% lower than the prime cost of foreign counterparts.

A special feature of the factory is the fact that all the produced machines can be completed with productive lines, consisting of machines with individual filling, so they can be easily used in large storage facilities, logistic centers and in small farms.