Economic Balance V. Kondratiev about Need for Rebalancing Economy in Krylovsky District


Alexander Ivanchenko 21:37 April 8

April 8 Krasnodar Territory Governor Veniamin Kondratiev spent a day in Krylovsky district. The head of the Kuban visited several enterprises and had an appointment with local residents in the cultural centre.

This processing line can perform filling, washing and packaging of vegetables simultaneously. The equipment is unique, say representatives of the enterprise in the village of Krylovsky. It is custom-designed by the Belarusian experimental plant. No enterprise in the south of Russia has this kind of a comprehensive system, the head of the agricultural company says to the governor.

Such production lines improve the work greatly. It means they enhance the economic impact of the agricultural business. Veniamin Kondratiev ensures, the regional authorities should help the villagers with disposing the product to save this impact.

“Our goal is to organize a system of distribution guarantees for the villagers. If we can provide the production lines simplifying the work in the field (carrot, processing, storing), we can achieve the results we are talking about all the time, and mostly it is up to the authorities. All we do now is discussing, but we should establish conditions for young people who want to be engaged in vegeculture”, – the governor notes.

Having a job is a good reason for young people to stay in the village, but not the only one. Living standards in villages and homesteads shouldn’t leave much to be desired, just because of the distance from regional centers, the governor says while traveling all over the village.

About 1,5 thousand people who live in microdistrict “Kurilovka” of the village of Krylovsky complain of water quality at their homes. Veniamin Kondratiev personally visited the water well and collected water. One doesn’t have to be an expert to realize the fact that cloudy liquid with the smell of hydrogen sulfide is not for drinking. The governor instructed his deputy to find a solution to this problem, and perhaps build a new well.

– Is there a technical solution to provide the people with normal water of high quality?

– There is. We need to redirect this water here.

– How long does it take to make calculations? What do we need to do to provide the residents with the water that suits them, even for 1 thousand people?

– It takes a month from the moment we have received exploration results and the final cost.

– Ok. You will carry out all the necessary work within a month and then report me what is really needed and how much it costs to get the water of the quality available in the central region.

Veniamin Kondratyev asks the local residents about the other burning issues. There are no vacant seats in the Culture House of Krylovsky today. Without thinking twice, local long-term resident Vasily comes to the stage and speaks directly about one of the most urgent problems in the district.

– No processing! We don’t have a mill, despite we are probably the first at bread production per capita in the region. Bread is delivered to us from the homestead in Leningrad region and on Fridays from Rostov region.

It happens despite the fact there are five bakeries functioning in the district. The situation is ridiculous and very sad, the governor notes.

– You do not saturate the domestic market and domestic consumption with your own product. If you have your own mill, your workshops to bake bread, it means you have domestic taxes, jobs and your own domestic market. And today you give the domestic market to Rostov, says Kondratiev.

– We have an enterprise “Kavkaz”, which is engaged in the production of bread. Sergei Maksimenko is present here.

– Mr. Maksimenko, if you get a government support, can you provide the entire district with bread? – asks the head of the Kuban.

– No problem. Of course, we can. We’ll also get 15-20 extra jobs.

– I’m looking forward to seeing bread of local production in a year here.

There are capacities in Krylovsky district, they just need to be used correctly. Subsidies will help. But only those who demonstrate the results will get them.

“It is needed to earn today. And the government support from the regional budget is only for those who return money to the budget, who can bring profits, who can work. And if you don’t know how to make money, excuse me, but why should you get a government support? It’s not my money. The regional budget is the money of all taxpayers, including you. You need to find balance: the economy should work and life shouldn’t get worth. When everything is balanced, you feel comfortable”, – Kondratiev says.

Krylovsky district is on the economic hook now. On the one hand, it holds a very good position in the agricultural sector, but on the other hand it ranks № 42 out of 44 in terms of the territory development level. A balanced budget will help increase economic indicators and improve the standard of living in the region.

The governor promised to come back in a year to measure outcomes.